BucketGolf: A Hole New Way to Enjoy Fall Festivities

(no we don't have a mini set…yet...)

BucketGolf: A Hole New Way to Enjoy Fall Festivities

By Dallas Broekhuizen

As the vibrant colors of autumn begin to paint the landscape, many of us eagerly embrace the season's outdoor traditions and festivities. Fall festivals, tailgating parties, and cozy campfires are just a few of the cherished activities that mark the arrival of this magical time of year. But what if we told you there's a novel way to elevate these beloved pastimes? Enter BucketGolf, the ingenious backyard game that's taking fall festivities to a whole new level. In this series, we’ll explore a few alternative game set ups. 

First up: A Fresh Spin on Tailgating

Tailgating, synonymous with football season, is a cherished American tradition. Friends and family gather in stadium parking lots, savoring grilled delights, and indulging in camaraderie before the big game. While bean bags and frisbees are tailgating staples, BucketGolf introduces a refreshing twist to the pregame party.


Set up the BucketGolf buckets next to your tailgate, just as you would for oversized cup-pong. The objective? Chip the ball off of the tee into the buckets while enjoying some friendly competition and refreshments. Here's how to play:

Materials Needed:

  • A set of BucketGolf buckets (ideal with 6 or more buckets)
  • A BucketGolf ball and tee for each player
  • Golf club (a high lofted iron 7-9 or the BucketGolf club work best)


  • Arrange the buckets in a triangle formation or a diamond if you have 9 buckets and want to use all of them. Maintain a fair but challenging distance between the tee and the buckets. 
  • Given that you’re likely playing on concrete or asphalt, we recommend using the tee box cone as an actual tee for this game by placing the ball on top of the cone. It will help protect your club from getting damaged and it helps you get a bit more lift on the ball.  
Ball on tee
  • If you attended college or any party in your early 20’s you probably know, typically, in cup-pong you would take turns against your opponent from opposite sides of the table but unless you have a friend that also has a BucketGolf set or you have the tour set, you probably just want to use 6-9 buckets. We’ve played two variations on this game with BucketGolf and found them to be equally challenging. 

Variation 1:

Each player takes turns chipping the BucketGolf ball into the buckets from the tee. The guest or loser of the last round should take the first shot. 

If they sink a shot into the bucket, remove that bucket from play. They get one point.


Continue alternating between players until no buckets are left. Winner is the player that sunk the most shots. If you end in a 3-3 tie, set up three buckets in a triangle formation and continue shooting. The first to make 2 buckets wins. You don’t need to remove buckets at this point. 


Variation 2

Set up the buckets as normal, in a triangle or diamond formation and take turns chipping the ball from the tee into the buckets. 

Players earn the number of points equal to the number on the bucket. So if a player, sinks bucket 3, that bucket is removed from play and that player scores 3 points. Continue until all of the buckets are removed. 

We recommend setting up the buckets with level of difficulty in consideration. For example; bucket 1 is worth one point so you might put it in the easiest spot to hit, dead middle. 

If you find either of these versions just a little too challenging after your buddy has been sinking buckets on you all day or you’re playing with the kids, here are two ideas we’ve found to lower the difficulty level just enough. 

  1. Fold half of the bucket, use the loop to keep half of the bucket folded. From there, face the open face towards the tee.  
  2. If it’s still too much, Ditch the clubs. Just toss the ball into the buckets. 
Why It Works:
  • BucketGolf cup-pong variation offers a new twist on a party game classic. Likely everyone will know the rules but with an added freshness vibe to match the weather making it an ideal icebreaker at tailgating parties.
  • The scoring system adds a competitive edge that keeps everyone engaged and entertained.
  • It's a perfect fit for those who appreciate golf, football, and party games seamlessly blending several beloved pastimes.

BucketGolf's alternative game styles provide fresh ways to embrace fall festivities. Whether you're tailgating before a football game, celebrating at a fall festival, or enjoying a campfire night, BucketGolf adds a new layer of fun and excitement to your autumn traditions. So, grab your BucketGolf set, gather your friends, and tee up for a season of unforgettable memories. 

Stay tuned for more game ideas and rule variations! If you have any questions or any ideas you’d like to share, let us know! We respond to every message we receive, unless it’s nonsense or spam but you get the idea. 

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