1. What golf clubs should I use for the game?

You can use your own golf clubs if you have them we recommend using high irons between 6-Pitching wedge to play the game.  We have custom bucketgolf clubs as well on the site if you want to use our clubs.


2. Do the buckets get knocked over in the wind?

No our buckets are pinned down to the ground by the flag sticks and work great in anything short of 20+mph winds.  There's a small hole in the bottom of the bucket that the flag sticks go down into to prevent the bucket from moving.  If its extremely windy over 20mph then we recommend putting a little weight (rock, phone etc) to keep it from moving.


3. Can I buy a Bucket Golf set if I don't have a backyard?

Yes! A lot of Bucket Golf owners don't have a backyard and take the set with them to parks, camping, beaches, or on vacations as it travels very easily.


4. What size are the balls and buckets?

The balls are a custom mold injected size and thickness designed for the game that are about the size of a baseball. The pop up buckets are 15" heigh and 15" width opening. They're custom made size for the game to be optimal size so chipping in isn't too easy but not too hard.


5. What's the difference between the regular and pro sets?

The only difference between the sets is the amount of holes it comes with. The pro set comes with 9 holes and the regular comes with 6 holes but the materials are the same.