Meet The Team

Tyler Simmons - President and Founder
Growing up Tyler was obsessed with all sports and backyard games.  He would spend endless hours creating his own homemade products which paved the way for Elevate Sports to be created.  He went on to play D1 college lacrosse learning in the process how important hard work and attention to detail is.  His main goal when creating products is to help everyone have more fun playing sports and being active with friends and family. 
Dane Holt - Chief Technology Officer
Dane was a standout high school athlete player and attended college at the University of Oregon.  He Focuses on supply chain logistics, financial forecasting and reporting. He brings his skills from working at the Pac 12 network, Havas media and Obsqura digital. 


Jenny Simmons - Marketing and Media Director
Jenny is a graduate of The University of Denver Professional Psychology. She works with Elevate in hopes of creating products that help people achieve greater enjoyment and performance in sport, life, and in their chosen performance domain.